Sun Hung Kai Credit accepts properties of residential, industrial and commercial office, shop, parking space, village house, etc., without limitation on the age of property.

Yes, you can apply the First Mortgage Loan with a Title Deed, with no limitation on the age of property. With the quick and convenient application procedure, you can enjoy easy cash out with Sun Hung Kai Credit.

Yes, you can apply for the Second Mortgage Loan with Sun Hung Kai Credit.

Sun Hung Kai Credit accepts loan application after three years from the transfer of ownership by Deed of Gift, under normal circumstance.

People of any nationality can apply Sun Hung Kai Credit's Property Loan as long as one is a property owner in Hong Kong.

All property owners who are retired or aged 60 or abovecan apply Property Loan at Sun Hung Kai Credit.

All applicants must be aged 18 or above, including property owner or borrower.

  • Proof of identity
  • Income proof
  • Employment proof
  • The latest Rates and/or Government Rent Demand Note
  • Provisional Agreement for Sales and Purchase (applicable for First Mortgage Loan on new property purchased only)
  • The latest mortgage repayment schedule (if any)

There are two types of joint ownership, "Joint Tenancy" and "Tenancy in Common".

  • For "Joint Tenancy", if one of the owners is deceased, the respective ownership of the property will be passed on to other surviving joint owner(s).
  • For "Tenancy in Common", the ownership of the property is divided into certain agreed shares among all owners. If one of the owners is deceased, the respective share(s) of the property will become part of the deceased owner's estate.

No matter which tenancy is, all of the property owners must consent to the Property Loan applied by signing relevant documents including mortgage deed and loan agreement.

Free Online Property Valuation Service is available on Sun Hung Kai Credit's website. You may also contact our Customer Service Hotline at 2996 2688 for enquiries.

Yes. Please notify Sun Hung Kai Credit the date of completion as soon as possible. The cut-off date of the loan will be arranged as the same closing date.

Eligible customers for particular loan products will not be required to pay any administration fees and handling charges and all legal costs to prepare the Mortgage or Second Mortgage will be paid by Sun Hung Kai Credit. Other customers who are not eligible or suitable for a particular loan product being applied for may be referred or recommended to apply for other loan products for which customers are free to make their own final choice and will be bound by different terms and conditions, including terms requiring payment of legal costs, administration fees and/or handling charges.

Sun Hung Kai Credit will not charge any handling fee or penalty for early settlement.

Early partial payment can be applied but you have to fulfill the minimum payment requirement.

Sun Hung Kai Credit will notify you on the arrangement of the Discharge of Mortgage within two weeks after full settlement.

In addition to Installment Loan, you may also choose Revolving Loan. A pre-approved credit line will be granted to you. You can transfer the money from the approved credit limit into your designated bank account via internet anytime, anywhere. The credit line can be reused upon every repayment on the used amount, without the hassle of re-applying and interest is calculated on the outstanding amount only on a daily basis.

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