Important Declaration

Important Declaration

Beware of Faker Staff Promoting Loan Products

Sun Hung Kai Credit Limited (the "Company") received much complaint from our customers and the public that they have received calls from persons identifying themselves to be our staff to promote loan services. If customers and/or the public do not accept their promotion, they would react rudely with offensive language. The Company hereby makes an official declaration as below:

  • All our staff have received professional training on customer services and product knowledge, with a view to serving customer courteously and sincerely;
  • All our promotion calls are directly made by our Customer Service Officers, Sales Representatives of our Branch or Direct Sales Department or through Authorized Dealers (collectively "Sales Representatives"), which shows the calling number display;
  • All Sales Representatives should have his/her own staff number. They are willing to disclose their staff numbers, branch name, department name or authorized dealer's name and their contact numbers.
  • Our personnel, subsidiary companies and authorized business agents, under any circumstances, will not request customers to make any advance payment. In case that some unscrupulous companies or individuals try to charge any cost on you by referring to the corporate brand name of the Company, please report the case to us in order to protect your own interest.
  • The Company's trademark, brand name, website name and website are important assets exclusively owned by our company. We reserve the rights to claim for the liability through judiciary aspect for any forms of plagiarism and/or copying the whole or part of which for any items that have been mentioned. Should any fraud behaviour is involved, we must report it to the law enforcement agencies for the criminal liability that may arise.

If you have received any suspected counterfeit calls as aforesaid or have any suspicion, please call our Customer Services Hotline at (852) 2996 2688.

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