Flexible Redraw Facility

Revolving loans provide customers with pre-approved credit lines which they can repeatedly draw for managing ongoing expenses or cash flow. Interest is charged on a daily basis, but no interest is charged on the unused credit limit which is restored automatically upon each repayment. This flexibility makes the Revolving Loan a useful financing tool for small-to-medium business owners or investors. 

Customers can choose their own revolving loan mortgage plan

Dynamic e-Mortgage Assistant

A well-planned repayment strategy is important for you to determine your affordability before taking a loan.

Now, you can use our "Dynamic e-Mortgage Assistant" to calculate your monthly payment and property valuation services to prepare for your future plans!


Mortgage Loan Calculator

Mortgage Loan Calculator

Property Valuation

Property Valuation

Just apply once and enjoy unlimited usage of the approved credit line, round the clock instant cash transfer service via internet * Interest charged on daily basis, no charge for unused credit line Revolving credit limit upon repayment

*Instant electronic transfer service is not available during the system maintenance period and subject to the limitation of individual bank’s service terms and conditions.

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