Up to 85% Loan-to-Value Mortgage*

Financing does not need to be stressful! The high LTV mortgage without a cap on the property value* can be a way for you to access cash easily, which helps to solve your funding needs instantly!

Mortgage Fast Pass online instant approval service gives you a preliminary approval^ result. Borrow Now Sell Smart - you decide when to list your property.

From now on till 30 June 2024, you will be entitled to HK$10,000 cash reward upon successful application.

3 easy steps to activate Mortgage Fast Pass:
1. Carry out a property valuation now
2. Provide simple information
3. Instantly receive your own loan amount and interest rates

*The approved loan amount and loan plan will depend on the type of property and individual circumstances. The company reserves the right to make final decisions. ^Approval results are for reference only.
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