Minimal Income Proof for the Self-Employed

As the sole breadwinner of the family, Mr Lau is an coffee shop owner whose income has been dramatically impacted by COVID-19. He wants to refinance his mortgaged property valued at HK$7.2 million through the bank; however, his application is immediately declined due to reduce of salary & insufficient income proof.

With competitive interest rates and longer repayment periods comparing to a personal loan, Mr Lau’s friend recommended Sun Hung Kai Credit. After completing the simple application process, Mr Lau is approved for a loan of HK$300,000 within three days with no penalty for early settlement and no handling charge or legal fees, immediately relieving his financial stress.



Personal Loan

Loan amount $300,000⁽¹⁾

Transfer to Sun Hung Kai Credit Mortgage⁽²⁾


Monthly repayment amount⁽³⁾



(Saved $2,323 per month)

Monthly repayment amount in the first year

↓ 27% 

Total interest expenses⁽³⁾



(Saved $38,902 per month)

Total interest expenses in the first year

↓ 48%

Calculated based on the first 12 months (1) Assuming that the monthly flat rate of personal loans is 1.5%, and the actual annual interest rate is 32.06%;

(2) Assuming that the actual annual interest rate of the mortgage loan is 15%

(3) Assuming that the repayment amount and interest expenses are calculated in 72 instalments

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